"It’s the people that count. "

Esther Anderson, Founder, ANDERSON Agency Realtors

In 1971 Esther and Malcolm Anderson were hard at work raising beef and dairy cattle on their farm in Stockport, New York. With three children rapidly approaching college age, Esther realized that in order to send the children to college the family needed more income than the farm could provide.  Esther was a hard-working, practical, people-oriented person. Faced with her family’s needs, Esther took a hard look at the local economy and concluded that with her business savvy and her personal history in the area—she was born and raised on a farm in Spencertown—opening a business to help people buy and sell properties might provide the income her family needed. Reflecting on this momentous decision, she often recalled, “I had a strong sense I could thrive in my own business. I just followed common sense and applied sound goals.”

Esther’s decision to open a real estate agency was not without risk. At the time, the concept of providing personalized service to sellers and buyers was ground breaking for the mostly rural market in Columbia County, where real estate transactions traditionally were conducted by direct sale. Esther, however, was undaunted by the challenge. She hoped that her strong focus on the person rather than on the deal, as well as her commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, would guarantee the business’s success.

Esther’s gamble paid off. The ANDERSON Agency Realtors—which opened its doors in 1971 in the Village of Valatie—grew and thrived. Along the way, the business established a reputation as one of the most trusted and respected agencies in the Hudson Valley. In 1991, spotting an opportunity in the Village of Kinderhook, Esther moved the agency to its present location in an historic building at 2 Broad Street.

Today Esther’s daughter, Kim Voltz, principal broker at the agency, carries on the traditions that embody Esther’s founding philosophy: independence, innovation, undivided attention to fulfilling the needs of each and every client, excellence in customer service, honest and fair pricing, and a commitment to working cooperatively with fellow brokers and inspiring and mentoring the next generation of realtors.